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Magic and Malice - Chapter 3
Davina was woke up by the caressing heat of the sun from its mid-way point in the sky. She stretched her arms and arched her back, letting out a satisfied groan and a content smile on her face, but it was short-lived when she opened her eyes.
“Oh” she sighed when she realized she was still in the cage. Still captive to a human-eating giant. As her face saddened she sat up and turned her head to the side to stretch her neck and nearly fainted when she saw a small selection of giant berries and bread placed neatly in a pile by the cage door. She stood up and looked to Kol’s bed where he was sat on the end sharpening one of his knives. His eyes flicked up to her briefly and he gave her a ‘if you say one word I’ll never feed you again’ look. If he hadn’t been looking much better she would have challenged him but she was starving and she didn’t want to gamble her chance for food.
Without trying to look like a starving animal she
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The Man in the Moon
I slipped through the seqouia trees like silk slipping through fingers as the night sky only gave one light.
I smiled as I danced between the trees watching the moon shine like a diamond in the sun.
I don't remember who it was that told me there was a man in the moon, but I remember the feeling. Excited. Safe. Warm. Love. Whenever I looked at the moon.
I thought he followed me everywhere, until I realised it was my heart who followed him. Soon after I set out and have followed him ever since.
I followed him here, to this forest of gigantic trees and my heart was singing. I knew something exciting was going to happen. I followed his every move and when he tucked behind a cloud like a coin slipping into a pocket, I too slipped into a bush.
And thats when I felt the ground quivver under the steps of something much larger than I. I held a steady breath as I remained hidden, for this beast must have been fearsome if even the moon hid from his presence.
As the monolith of a man thundered thr
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Mature content
The Ladies Room - Full Story :iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 15 10
Old Friend - Chapter 20
“Kyle!” Time to wake up!” Kyle’s mother knocked on the door frame.
Amy’s eyes flew open and she looked over to the door, sleepily smiling at her, not really sure where she even was at this moment.
“Sorry sweetheart, I forgot you were here” she winced “will you wake Kyle up? School starts in half an hour”
“SCHOOL?!” Amy gasped but his mother had already left. She leapt up and realized she was on the pillow next to Kyle – who was still asleep.
 “Kyle!” she yelled as she made her way over to him “we completely forgot about school! Get up!” she climbed up onto his bicep and onto his chest and was jumping up and down on his pec.
You forgot, I didn’t” he groaned sleepily. He lifted his arms and stretched them out before placing them over his eyes. He didn’t want to get up “let’s just skip school and hang out”
“Come on Kyle! I don’t
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You mean nothing to me
I sat curled up on the end of the seat, knees pulled up to my chest.
My brown hair stuck to my tear-stricken face.
Everyone had already left the hall.
Two stray people were picking up flowers and a few talking off in the corner but no one noticed me.
I seemed to be one of the only human's at the funeral.
I peeled my hair off my face and put it behind my ear, for a split second looking up mid-sob. My eyes met with the giant walking past at that exact moment and I froze.
I saw him roll his eyes and sigh and I quickly looked back down, more tears streaming down my face. I didn't need this too. Not today.
The giant faltered mid-step and sighed again, then took a step back and hovered over me. He hadn't spoken to me in months.
'Are you okay?' He asked with a slightly stern tone, like he wished he were anywhere else.
'No!' I sobbed out, not even being able to open my eyes from all the tears, let alone pretend that I was fine.
His demeanor immediately broke as did his heart.
He pulled at his
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It's my food now! by ralph-waldo It's my food now! :iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 9 9
Magic and Malice - Chapter 2
Davina wracked her brain trying to think of how she was going to escape but it was nearly impossible to think when Kol was purposely walking with swaying gait which caused her to slam into his hip at every step. Normal girls would be inconsolable at this point, but Davina was not like normal girls. She was tough, she lived on her own and she had magic. Even if she didn’t have enough to do any harm to him, he didn’t need to know that. She looked down at her palms. She wouldn’t be able to do anything if she kept moving like this. Being slammed into someone’s hip every 10 seconds did not give her excellent concentration. She would have to wait.
She looked back up to Kol. Even though she could only see the underside of his chin she could tell he had an awful scowl on his face. ‘why does he have to look so dang terrifying?’ she gulped. It was going to be hard to lie about her strength to that face. She sighed and looked back in front of her and was startl
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Day at the Beach - Art by ralph-waldo Day at the Beach - Art :iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 9 9
Day at the Beach - One-off
I didn’t plan to be up to my waist in salty ocean water, chasing after a blow up boat that got caught in a rip for a bunch of human’s I’ve never met on my one day of peace.
Screw the Ocean.
Screw the beach.
Screw me for being big and fast and apparently the only option to save this person.
ESPECIALLY screw this stupid girl for being a nob and getting caught in a rip and her dumb friends that are too blind to NOITICE their friend‘s boat being swept out to sea.
Screw- no, - FUCK this all together. I should have stayed home to read.
~~~~~~~ A few hours earlier ~~~~~~~
“ahhh.” I moaned as my car tires hit the sand and I switched my Ute into FWD. I could almost feel my manly testosterone spike at the feeling. I loved coming here, to Skeeter’s Island. It was far from remote, but if you came here mid-week, hardly anyone was around.
Skeeter Island is weird. Not only because its literally not even an island (the humans
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Not Just a Pet - Chapter 8
**** Fast forward 3 weeks after we last heard from Julian and Keely. Two weeks ago Julian and Keely decided they would start dating, to see how it would go and it had been going well so far. They are yet to profess their love, not having even shared another kissed yet, but there have been some close calls and ‘heated’ moments. HAG day has just passed and we got to see their celebration (even though Julian forgot at first) and they are progressing on with their week. It must be noted though that Julian hasn’t told anyone about his current relationship with Keely, who thinks he has. ALSO Julian had to go to Mark’s court hearing where he was let off with a small mark on his record, much to Julian’s anger. He has been secretly worried ever since that he was going to try hurt Keely again. ****
Keely woke up suddenly after Julian stirred beneath her.
“Whatthehell...” she mumbled sleepily, sitting up. She glanced over t the clock on the bedside table.
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The Giant and the Zookeeper - Chapter 8
Amelia was woken up by Gavin 2 hours later.
“Amelia, wake up!” he said loudly
“huh? What?” she mumbled and rubbed her eyes and blinked them open.
“Where am I?” she groaned. She felt like she was in a hammock
“You’re in my pocket, now shut up and listen!” he hissed. He was looking down at her but his eyes were darting around all over the place. The last thing Amelia remembered was going back into the room and crashing on the giant bed.
“We’re going to be docking in half an hour and they gave me a list to read of things I need to know” Gavin explained as he reached in and pulled her out of his pocket
“Yeah, so?” Amelia winced as the bright light met her eyes as she now saw in his open palm
“Uhmm, I wonder?” he glared at her and held the list out in front of her
“Gavin you’ve lost me” she winced, knowing he was freaking out
“Amelia! I can’t freaking read it!”
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The Giant and the Zookeeper - Chapter 7
Amelia slept like a rock that night, but the same couldn’t be said for Gavin. He tossed and turned for hours. He spent a good deal of time scowling at Amelia, envious of how she was snoring, in a deep, deep sleep. The reason he couldn’t sleep made him even angrier though. It was something he never saw coming. The bed was too soft.
All his years he had been DREAMING of the moment he could slip into a soft warm bed made for him, but now that he was living it, it was dreadfully soft. The way it gave way to his weight and enveloped around him –he hated it. He looked at the clock on the bedside table and it read ‘3:00 am’. He let out a deep sigh, knowing what he had to do.
With the utmost care, he slowly moved Amelia’s pillow that she slept on further away from him and then he sat up, pulled the duvet of the bed and lay it on the floor. He then grabbed his pillow and lay down on top of the blanket.
“Ahh” he moaned in sweet relief. Cold, hard g
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HAG DAY GIF - Julian and Keely by ralph-waldo HAG DAY GIF - Julian and Keely :iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 12 13
drunk in love and just plain Drunk- Chapter 1
Alexander hit the ground with an ‘oof’ as his girlfriend pushed him out of the front door and into the yard.
“Hey! You’re lucky I didn’t spill my beer Celeste!” he tried to shout but it came out as a drunk slur. He attempted opening his eyes but when the world was still spinning from the impact of his head hitting the ground. Usually he was very study on his feet but he was someone ….compromised…which allowed his 5’2 girlfriend (soon to be ex-girlfriend) to be able to push down his 6’4 self.
“Get out of my life you drunk idiot!” Celeste cried, slamming the door. It was the last straw. He had gone too far this time. She turned around and slid down the door and fell into a ball on the ground, clutching her bruising arm.
Alexander composed himself and fumbled to his feet before walking in a zig-zagging line back to her door
“come on baby, I’m *hic* sorry, you know I didn’t meeeeean it *hic*” He
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Blind Date - 1 of 1
“Just here please…”Michelle gulped when she recognized the safe-bay pullover that over looked a tree-cladded ravine behind the guard rail – he had sent her a picture of it so she would know.
“Y’sure this is yer stop, girl? Pretty far out of Rockwell for a young girl like yourself, heck, it’s pretty far out for anyone. You meetin a certain shady friend here?” the cab driver croaked, scratching his unkempt black 4 day shadow of a beard and looked back at her in the rear-view mirror
“No! my friend just lives far is all and this was the closest mutual place to meet…but I didn’t realize it was on the side of the road in the middle of freaking nowhere…” she instinctively wrapped her finger around one of her bangs and began curling it over and over ‘this is why your hair is so frizzy Michelle’ her conscience scolded her
“Well,” the cab driver cleared his scratchy throat “I don’t f
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Caught in the act! by ralph-waldo Caught in the act! :iconralph-waldo:ralph-waldo 3 9


Shattered Dispositions Ch4
**Chase’s POV**
Chase was trying hard to stop himself from doubting his friend, but years of hearing excuses about Rose had worn him down. It didn’t help that Chase had noticed the constant fiddling fingers Jeremy had had shoved in his pockets ever since they left his house. He had his suspicions.
He didn’t want to believe them.
Jeremy is my friend. My best friend and has been for basically all of my life. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t.
These were the thoughts on loop in Chase’s mind as he hid behind a tree at the other end of the campsite while watching his friend yell at something held in front of him. Chase couldn’t see what it was, but he was hoping it was a phone or some type of puzzle that Jeremy couldn’t figure out. Even he knew that these excuses were lame, but he just couldn’t bring himself to believe that his friend would hold a person within his pocket like that for so long. It made him wonder if that was always the c
:iconlightswillwaver:lightswillwaver 7 2
reminiscence by pancake-waddle reminiscence :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 877 25
Mature content
Shattered Dispositions Ch3 :iconlightswillwaver:lightswillwaver 11 12
gts anime video by kilaa0007 gts anime video :iconkilaa0007:kilaa0007 70 51
Starry Starry Night
Tonight was a special night. It was a new moon, and perfect conditions to view the meteor shower. Sarah loved astronomy, but living near the city you had to go out far to get a good dark sky. At twenty two she was living on her own with some roommates. Her adventures where rare, but she took them seriously. Weather is so unpredictable, but this weekend things just seemed to work out perfectly.
It was going to be about a three hour drive out to the sight so her day started early. Leaving around 10am she grabbed some quick breakfast, and hit the road. Her family, and friends were well aware of her excursion. One of the problems with going to the middle of no where is unreliable cell phone service so she made sure people knew a head of time.
Zoning out to music on the highway it was a pretty smooth trip. Only a minor inconvenience of having to change radio stations once out of range of her usual ones. This was her first solo trip, but she was prepared. Some light camping gear in case she
:iconwatairdragon:WatairDragon 21 17
Where ya taking all those school girls? by Jessica-Rae-3 Where ya taking all those school girls? :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 92 84
Mature content
Christmas Sprits || Part One :iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 30 12
G/t Tumblr Dump by GTPanda G/t Tumblr Dump :icongtpanda:GTPanda 95 14
Mature content
Not Alone- Part 3 :iconwannabe-tolkien:Wannabe-Tolkien 16 10
Judy and Nick cute by Bonka-chan Judy and Nick cute :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 351 14 Suddenly some Tangled 2!! by Bonka-chan Suddenly some Tangled 2!! :iconbonka-chan:Bonka-chan 157 10
The Tenants: Chapter 2
A week passed without incident.  The beans had finished moving into the apartment and unpacking by the third day.  The bean who saw me did not do so much as mention me to her roommates.  From my many hidden vantage points in the apartment, however, I did notice her sneak quite a few glances at the sofa where the vent was.  Typical human bean, always curious.  Not that it was necessarily a wrong thing to be, but it caused many problems for my kind.
I finally decided it was time to go borrowing again.  My supplies had dwindled greatly, so I was beginning to get desperate.  I waited until that afternoon, when I knew all the girls would be out.  The tall one with the pixie cut had a fulltime job, so she was hardly around.  The other two had somewhat irregular schedules due to the college classes each of them took, but every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, they both were gone.
From inside my home in the walls of the apartment, I heard the muffled
:iconcdupre:CDupre 7 17
To borrow from a Bean (Part 1)
  Just keep climbing.  This was what the small figure climbing the sprawled out spool of floss told himself every time he had to do this.  James was currently staring down nervously at the ridiculous height he was up to at this point as he kept climbing up the thin fibers which were attached to a ‘lost’ earring he had come across perhaps a month ago lying limply on the flood.  Nothing he took was missed much, after all; James was a borrower.  Shaking his head, the tiny form continued his shimmy toward the spot where he lodged the small hook when he threw it.  “Almost...there…” he muttered under his breath.  After about another minute, his small hand grabbed onto the wooden shelf he had been trying to reach.  Such efforts were ones he had to partake in every day if he hoped to survive in this home he had been living in ever since he had been separated from the rest of his family.  
  James had become so caug
:iconoathborn:Oathborn 8 6
The Tenants: Chapter 1
New tenants.  Finally.  Only two days in the empty apartment and my food had run out.  I was not about to ask the neighbors for anything.  I was not even sure anyone else lived in the same building as me.  For all I knew, I was the only one here.  I liked it that way.  Too many people made things noisy, and noise was dangerous.
Living on my own presented a challenge, but a surprisingly enjoyable one.  I did not have to worry about protecting anyone if I were caught or keeping those under my care out of trouble.  I left that life ten years ago when I bade my family goodbye and chose independent living.  I missed them, but I did not regret my decision.
Now I crouched in my hidden entrance to the apartment's main room in anticipation.  It was quite exciting for me when new tenants come.  There was always the risk that terribly difficult people could move in and make my life miserable or force me to move, but such a thrill gave me
:iconcdupre:CDupre 18 13
An Encounter pt.7 Bonds by SweetIntent An Encounter pt.7 Bonds :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 133 99
Fearless: Chapter One
No world is perfect. Not even a world where giants and humans coexist.  There’s still bullying, belittling, bankruptcy, business frauds, lying, cheating, stealing, killing; everything that I imagine a sin-ridden world would have. We’re lucky though, because here on Tare, our blemished, beautiful planet, there are laws that punish those who do wrong. We’re fortunate, because for every criminal, there are at least three law enforcers. We’re blessed, because it’s not often that we humans are terribly endangered by the giants that surround us. In fact, we’re more of a plague to them than they are to us.
Let me explain myself.
My name is Ellie Parker, and I am a descendant of one of the one thousand humans who were sent to live on this planet after earth was so brimming with war and hatred that no one could live in safety. Of course, that was almost four hundred years ago. While we do have the knowledge of space travel at hand, our civilization is on
:iconheartstores:heartstores 110 51



Davina was woke up by the caressing heat of the sun from its mid-way point in the sky. She stretched her arms and arched her back, letting out a satisfied groan and a content smile on her face, but it was short-lived when she opened her eyes.
“Oh” she sighed when she realized she was still in the cage. Still captive to a human-eating giant. As her face saddened she sat up and turned her head to the side to stretch her neck and nearly fainted when she saw a small selection of giant berries and bread placed neatly in a pile by the cage door. She stood up and looked to Kol’s bed where he was sat on the end sharpening one of his knives. His eyes flicked up to her briefly and he gave her a ‘if you say one word I’ll never feed you again’ look. If he hadn’t been looking much better she would have challenged him but she was starving and she didn’t want to gamble her chance for food.


Without trying to look like a starving animal she scrambled over to the food and quickly inhaled it, but, much to her surprise she couldn’t finish it all. She slumped next to the pile of food, a content sigh escaping her lips as she leaned against the bars warmed by the sun. ‘I’ve been in worse situations’ she thought to herself, not hearing the giant making his way across the cabin and right past her. His scoff startled her and she looked up over to him
“After all that grumbling you’re going to refuse to eat? How impossibly stupid are you? That’s the last time you’ll- ” He began to raise his voice, a sneer across his face but Davina’s mousy voice stopped him mid-threat
“I ate so much I can’t move…there was just a lot” she explained, patting her full stomach for evidence.
Kol’s face changed and he was biting the inside of his lip, realizing he had been over-generous with her food. “Well…” he paused to think for a moment before returning the snarl to his face “you better eat all of that by the end of the day, you need more than just flesh on your bones to fill me up” he said menacingly and turned to storm out of the door
“thank you” Davina said softly as he turned the handle to open the door. He faltered for a second before shaking his head and walking out, half-slamming the door behind him. This made a smile creep onto her face. She was slowly but surely wearing down his barrier.


~~a few hours later~~


Kol returned a few hours later looking pale as snow, even tripping in the door as he tried to stumble back inside. Davina winced at how horribly sick he looked and must have felt.
“Are you okay?” she called out, eliciting a groan of annoyance and pain from his writhing form on the bed. He was clutching his side again and his labored breathing was hissing through his clenched jaw, his eyes shut so tightly that his eyelids where white.

No matter who he was or what he had done, Davina’s heart hurt to see someone in so much pain, especially someone considered so scary and invincible.
“S-Stop it!” her words coming out far angrier than expected.

Kol’s pain had begun to subside when she called out
“Stop what?” he groaned, looking over to her, though she was too far for him to really see her
“Stop being so stubborn and let me help you, please” Davina frowned, her sadness coming out in her voice
“I already told you. I’m fine.” He replied flatly, moving to a more comfortable position to try sleep
“No you’re not, if you just-” she tried but he cut her off, quickly sitting up and staring at her
“Why the hell do you even care?!” he shouted at her angrily, ignoring the wave of pain his movements induced
“I..” Davina tried but her breath caught in her throat. Why do I care? Why do I want to make him better? She asked herself but couldn’t conjure up an answer
“Exactly.” Kol said flatly and sighed, laying back down to rest.
It was very apparent that he was no longer up for conversation and Davina sighed. She wasn’t meant to piss him off, she was meant to get him to warm up to her.
“Dammit!” she hissed, kicking the cage bars and crossing her arms.
Why the hell do I care? He is nicer when he is sicker so why the hell do I hate seeing him in so much pain? she questioned herself. She looked back over to Kol who was already sleeping.
The pain must make him so worn out she frowned. “No! Stop! Why??” she scolded herself why am I feeling this way? He kidnapped me, hurt me and plans to eat me! Why am I not afraid? But when she really thought about it, she realized he reminded her of herself. When the town found out she was an anomaly everything changed. People were afraid of her, people cut her off, some of the more extreme, traditional people even wanted her killed, so, like Kol, she had to live alone in the woods. Sure, the stories said he was a man-eating giant, but were they even true? Was he just as misunderstood as she was?
Davina walked over to the edge of the cage to look at him. When he was asleep, the scowl that seemed permanently plastered on his face slipped away and his eyebrows evened out. Sure, he hadn’t been the nicest since he kidnapped her, but had he really lived up to all the horrible tales? I guess I’ll find out once the week is up she sighed and sat down, rolling over a grape and taking a bite.


She had been sitting there for at least 2 hours looking out the window at the trees, wishing she was out there climbing them. The sun was beginning to go down and Davina watched in awe as all the clouds to turn an orange pink hue and the last sun rays of the day peeked through the trees. She took in a deep breath and a few stray tears dripped down her cheeks. She missed sitting on the hill with her brother and mother watching the sun rise and making wishes for the new day to come tomorrow. She hated being trapped in this stupid cage. She felt like an animal, even having to go to the toilet on some rag that was left in the cage. It was humiliating and her embarrassment caused more tears to flow.

She heard Kol shifting in his bed with a groggy groan and getting up, but she chose to ignore it. She didn’t have the energy. She pulled her knees up to her chest and crossed her arms over them to rest her chin on them, she was absolutely freezing. She didn’t try hide her tears, she knew he would probably even find some satisfaction in her sadness. She heard him approach the cage and rub his rough hands over his scruffy face, making the sound of sandpaper, but she didn’t turn around, instead keeping her back to him and continuing to stare out the window.

“The sunset is great but it’s nothing to cry at” he said, his voice gravelly from his deep sleep
“That’s not why I’m crying” Davina sniffled and shifted to resting her cheek on her arm, it was ice cold.
Kol sighed, “I know” he said quietly as he turned away and washed his face in the tub of water.

Did he just…try make small talk with me? Davina’s eyes widened? If he seemed to be in a semi-nice mood she figured she may as well try…
“Kol?” she called tentatively
“mhm” he replied as he seemed to be searching for something. Food probably.
“Do you think…do you think I could have a rag or something? I’m so cold” as if for effect, a shiver sent down her spine. The metal cage turned to ice as soon as dusk turned over.
She heard him stop what he was doing and she turned to look at him to see he had stood up in front of the cage and was staring at her.
“There’s already a rag in there?” he pointed it out. Davina’s eyes brimmed with tears and she turned away from his gaze.
Kol furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, he was still waking up from his sleep but as he thought about her reaction, he realized. With an angry groan he turned around and fumbled through his cupboards and found a new rag and a pot that had a dead plant and wordlessly opened the cage door.
Davina pressed herself against the side of the cage, tears now streaming down her face from embarrassment and the fact that a giant hand suddenly burst through the cage and pulled out the rag and chucked it in a pail of other rubbish, then placed the pot plant roughly in the cage and chucked the new rag over top of her before slamming the cage door shut again. Davina pulled the rag around her tightly over her head.
“I’m sorry” she cried
“Just shut up.” He spat as he washed his hands and stormed out the door.


He didn’t hurt her. He even gave her a ‘better’ makeshift toilet…was she really wearing him down that much? Davina wiped her eyes and stood up to pull the rag up underneath her to protect her from the cold floor of the cage. When she stood she could see out the window and could see Kol. He was leaning against a tree, which bowed to his weight and he was again clutching his side. The sun was officially down for the day, so it was hard for her to see but he seemed to pull something out of his pocket and hold it to his nose…
“The ginger” Davina whispered, a small smile on her face as she realized. As if he could feel her tiny gaze, he turned his head back to look into the window of the cabin so Davina quickly ducked down. His gaze lingered a little longer before he turned his head back, under the illusion she couldn’t see him, then, he twisted to lean his back against the tree and dragged himself down it’s trunk till he hit the ground and pulled his knees up to his chest and crossed one arm over them and hung his head, the other arm clutching his side. Then, his back started to shake. At first, Davina couldn’t quite work out what he was doing, but when he lifted his head up to rest it against the tree and his face was twisted in pain, she realized he was sobbing.

It was then that Davina decided he wasn’t the Dreaded Giant Kol. He was just Kol, and she definitely wasn’t afraid anymore.

It was over as quickly as it started and Kol stood up, wiped his face and slowly walked back inside. Davina quickly scrambled from the edge of the cage and lay down like she was asleep. When he stepped inside she could hear his labored breathing as he crawled back into his bed. She wanted to say something, but it might have given away that she had been watching him. So she lay there in silence until they both were asleep.


Davina woke a few hours later to the sound of him stirring in bed. She blinked heavily and looked to the sky. It must have been the early hours of the morning. She closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but he wasn’t just moving now, he was groaning, and it was getting louder. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and looked over to him and her eyes widened.
He was writhing in pain again but it seemed as if he were still asleep. He mumbled half words and whimpered from the pain and Davina realized he was having a night terror because of the pain.
She frowned as she watched it grow more intense and he began to thrash around and the most ungodly growls escaping his mouth as he grew louder and louder. Davina bit her tongue so hard she thought it would fall off. It took everything not to call out to wake him, but she knew that 1. She could never and 2. Waking someone having a night terror could be incredibly dangerous, as her uncle had learnt waking up her cousin and he received a black eye. Who knows what Kol is capable of she gulped.
Suddenly his eyes flew open with a gasp and he quickly leapt up off of the bed and barreled past her to the pail and doubled over like he had the night before. This time though, he was coughing far more violently and rasping, like the vomiting was taking every ounce of life he had. Davina’s stomach churned watching it, cursing herself for being so utterly helpless.

It went on for about 5 minutes before he finally seemed to take in a breath and stop. He rolled to lean up against the cupboards across from her again and he was crying softly, breath still raspy.
“Kol…” She said quietly, but all she received was a shaky breath in response.

His mouth looked dark and she glanced over to the pail and, because he didn’t have time to aim some of it got on the floor, and that too was dark, darker than it should have been. Then, when she took a moment to think, it called to her magic – which she didn’t think would be possible in this cage and the fact that it was bile until she realized…it was blood. A lot of blood. Too much blood.
“Kol you’re vomiting blood” she whispered in a gasp

“Why were you out here, little mouse?” he asked, ignoring her. He opened his eyes and stared back at her for a response. Davina sighed at his deflection but responded anyway.
“Because I live in the forest”
he cleared his throat and swallowed hard before replying. His throat must be red raw Davina thought
“why on earth would you want to live out here with someone like me around?” he croaked
“well..I honestly thought you were just a tall tale” Davina explained, shifting herself so she was sitting leaned up against the edge of the cage to see him.
“And when you found out I was real? What did you think then?” he asked, lifting his shaky arm to scoop up a cup of water to drink to try soothe his throat

“Well…” Davina thought “you’re tall alright”. Her joke, much to her utter shock, caused him to chuckle, even a smile appearing on his face
“yeah, guess I am” he smiled absentmindedly, eyes wandering around the cabin.



After a good few minutes of awkward silence Davina had thought that would be the end of their first ever conversation, but when he asked another probing question she realized he was trying to keep himself awake, and her too.
“Why aren’t you afraid of me?”
“Because you aren’t the man-eater everyone makes you out to be” She replied without missing a bit. This caused a scowl to play on his lips
“And what makes you think I’m not?” he spat, narrowing his eyes up at her
“Have you ever eaten anyone?” Davina challenged him
“yes.” Kol glared his eyes at her, showing no waver.
“Will you eat me?”
“yes.” He said confidently and without hesitation.
“I don’t believe you.” She stood up and crossed her arms
slapping a harder snarl on his face to mask the grimace he had because of the pain, he stood up and took the step to clear the distance between them, their faces only separated by the bars of the cage.
“You best start believing, it’ll only make it that much worse when I do.” He whispered, his hot breath brushing her skin.

Magic and Malice - Chapter 3
Hey guys! I know not very much happens but alot will be happening in the next chapter so it needed to end- I hope it's still a good read and that you enjoy the update! 
I slipped through the seqouia trees like silk slipping through fingers as the night sky only gave one light.

I smiled as I danced between the trees watching the moon shine like a diamond in the sun.
I don't remember who it was that told me there was a man in the moon, but I remember the feeling. Excited. Safe. Warm. Love. Whenever I looked at the moon.
I thought he followed me everywhere, until I realised it was my heart who followed him. Soon after I set out and have followed him ever since.
I followed him here, to this forest of gigantic trees and my heart was singing. I knew something exciting was going to happen. I followed his every move and when he tucked behind a cloud like a coin slipping into a pocket, I too slipped into a bush.
And thats when I felt the ground quivver under the steps of something much larger than I. I held a steady breath as I remained hidden, for this beast must have been fearsome if even the moon hid from his presence.

As the monolith of a man thundered through the trees, snappings it's branches like bones I shivvered, causing the bush I took shelter in to shudder like a bird ruffling it's feathers and the being halted. I curesed my bare back as the dew fell from the leaves like tear drops onto my exposed skin.

The gargantuan presence shifted all it's attention to where I cowered and I looked to the moon for guidace. To my bewilderment it had emergered from it's hiding and shone brightly upon both the nephilim man and I. Without a moment's hesitation I rose from the bush and stood tall, for if the moon was not afraid, nor was I.

The massive being's eyes widened as I closed the gap between us with what appeared to be confident strides. But he did not see the quivver in my legs, nor could he feel my heart's new home in my throat.

He fell to his knee as I spared only a few feet between us.
"How long?" His voice, deeper than any ravine, I could not only hear but feel in my bones.
When all I could do was blink up at his weathered face he asked again "how long have you followed the moon?"
"17 years" I said softly and my response slipped a smile onto his face that envied the cheshire cat. He lowered his hand infront of me and it were as if we were of one mind as I wordlessly stepped onto his hand.
His skin was as rough as stone but underneath was soft as linen.

Suddenly he began to lift his hand into the air leaving my stomach behind but not my heart. For my heart knew what I did not. I closed my eyes as his hand lifted through the canopy of the trees like a duck lifting off of the lake into the sky. I opened my eyes to a world of grean beneath me and an entire ocean above me, and I saw it. The moon. Shining like a single sailboat light on a sea of black abyss. My heart swelled along with my eyes and I looked back down to the giant below me and we shared a knowing smile. His large teeth caught the light of the moon and shone like ivory. But I had no fear, only awe. I studied his face in the new light and his eyes caused my heart to cease.

They were blacker than coal, but in their reflection hid the greatest beauty of all.
The moon.

I let out a soft gasp in my realisation and his smile grew deeper as he decended his hand from the ocean of a sky as gracefully as a swan swims on the water. He held me in his palm infront of his face and he watched me in slience.
"It's you..." I breathed, voice barely above a whisper. His smile widened as did mine.
I had found him after all these years.
The man in the moon.
The Man in the Moon
Here is a really quick short story I thought of and wrote right before bed! I hope you enjoy this little snippet. It practically wrote itself.

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WARNING - MATURE CONTENT - this has sexual themes (inexplicit) so if that scares you please have a look at my other stuff! Have a nice day!!

You can do this.

It will be over soon. Just go into your happy place.

I heard a key in the door and looked over to see the brass handle turn slowly and a man I’ve never met before entered, then locked the door behind him. I quickly moved into position – laying on my back and propping myself up on my elbows.

I couldn’t make out his face from the dim lighting in the room but it didn’t matter. They always looked the same – hungry.

I gulped as he made his way across the plush red carpet and stopped at the foot of the bed, placing his knee upon it. The bed already bowed into his weight.

“Hey there, gorgeous” his seedy face stretched into a smile as he hungrily took in my body, obviously liking what he had requested me to wear – a baby doll nightgown with leg and belt garters – all black; the colour of sin. He took his coat and shirt off then crawled across the bed to meet my small body. Standing up, my head wouldn’t even reach his knee.

His hungry body lingered over me, knees and arms either side of me as he already quivered with excitement. I tried not to wince from fear of what he was going to do to me. I lay down on my back completely and as I did so he grabbed my hands, engulfing them in his own and lifted them up and pinned them down over my head. I closed my eyes as he leaned is head down to whisper in my ear
“don’t close your eyes, I want you to see everything I do to your beautiful body….” He whispered hoarsely, his hot breath causing me to sweat. He then opened his mouth and with a tongue bigger than my hand, licked my neck and ear. I stifled a cry.

He then sat back up and looked down on me and undid the button on his already bulging pants. I instinctively closed my eyes but quickly opened them again, frightened at his sharp voice
“Hey! I said keep them open! If you close them again there will be consequences. Don’t tempt me.” He said in a low growl before lowering himself down and rolled on his side and took his pants off, only in his underwear now, his excitement visible through the thin fabric. I gulped which made him smile.
“Oh don’t worry sweetheart, he’ll come out to play soon” he chuckled before moving closer to me, pressing himself into my leg. I looked away when his fingers trailed up my inner thigh but quickly felt the firm grip on my chin
“I said watch, bitch” he growled and pulled my face back, then continued up my thigh.

My heart pounded in my chest as he slipped his index finger into my underwear and moaned, pressing harder into my thigh. He then quickly rolled on top of me and held himself up by his elbows as he loomed over me again. He then ran his hand under the black baby doll and greedily groped my chest, his hand completely engulfing my breast.
“Take if off” he said, almost breathless as he pulled his hand back out. I did as I was told and pulled it off, leaving my upper half completely naked, but I didn’t care anymore. Once you have been touched and squeezed and violated the amount of times that I have, you realise your body is not your own anymore. Here at ‘the ladies room’ they made sure of that.

He smiled at my naked chest, but it increased as his eyes trailed down over me then he looked back to me with hungry eyes
“Let’s see what’s under here now, shall we?” he grinned and shuffled down, positioning his head between my legs as he undid my garter. It popped open to reveal the small panties Clyde had forced me into. He pulled those off with his teeth and discarded them across the bed, then pulled off his own. Then, with eyes fixated on my own, he forced my legs apart, never breaking eye contact as he violated me. I was breathless from the pain. One would think I would become numb but the pain never ends. The only hope I could hold onto was that it would be over soon. They always finished quickly.

Sure enough, his back began to buckle and he quickly held himself over me.

“Finish me.” he moaned hoarsely.

I knew in this moment that I was the one in control, and he had no idea. Men loved coming to the ladies room for us because they loved to be dominant and how much more dominant could they get with a girl only a foot tall? But when it came to this moment, they were always at my mercy. Of course I wouldn’t dream of denying him what he paid for because Clyde would kill me. Literally. But I always enjoyed this moment, making them wait because it was all the control I had.
“NOW!” He growled over me and I did as he demanded. After his bliss he then rolled over onto his side, chest heaving and a wide smile on his face.

Not long after that he washed himself, got dressed and left.

I ran to get cleaned up in the shower and cried the whole time, like always. Then, I dried myself and sat on the end of the bed, wrapped up in the sheet and waited for Jessie to come in and get me.

Sure enough, within minutes the door opened, but I was shocked to see not Jessie, but the bastard Clyde himself. I froze from fear. This was the man that kidnapped me and forced me into this prison of a whore house. He was well kept, obviously, being he was the face of the business and all, but he had the most disgusting porno moustache.

“Hey there my shining star” he smiled at me. I wanted to throw up at the name star. The name he had given me. The name with my half-naked picture on the wall in the bar.

“H-hello” I stuttered as he sat down right next to me. He wrap his arm around me and pulled me into his sweaty side.
“You know you’re my favourite little girl, right? You make everyone happy, and you bring me the most money. And you’re just damn hot! Sometimes I have half a mind to keep you for myself…” his tone momentarily darkened and he trained his finger down my arm. I blinked up at him and he quickly shook his head and cleared his throat, continuing.
“And it’s because you’re my best girl that you got requested by someone for an entire night” he smiled. I could almost see the dollar signs in his eyes. My blood ran cold.
“w-what?” I stuttered and began shuffling back but he wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me off to stand in front of him as he remained seated on the end of the low bed, my eyes level with his crotch. He leaned closer to me and brushed my messy blonde hair behind my ear.
“I know we don’t usually allow overnight hire because men are rough, but this guy paid $10,000 cash. Hell, for that kind ‘a money he can do whatever the hell he likes!” Clyde broke into a fit of laughter that sent chills up my spine.
He wiped the tears from his eyes and focused back on me – only just realising I was in a towel and he bit his lip. I gulped as he quickly checked his watch.
“Hmm…it’s 4pm and you aren’t need till 4.45…” he looked back to me and pulled my hand that held my towel together. I obeyed and dropped the towel and he licked his lips.
“I think I might have myself a little fix” he mumbled hoarsely and quickly undid his pants, pulling them down to his knees and moving back, laying down on the bed. He then ushered me with one finger and I knew what I had to do. I climbed on top of him and blocked out everything that ensued.

once Clyde was done with me I showered and when I came back he gave me an extreme push up bra and a small black G-string, both black of course. It was by far the most revealing and uncomfortable outfit I had worn, but when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I looked like a Goddess…a
small, broken Goddess.
“Atta girl.” He grinned and stood up, bouncing me on the bed. “Now wait for Jessie. And don’t fuck this up for me, got it?” He leaned forward and kissed my cheek, his moustache sticking into my eye. Then he left the room and Jessie appeared.

“C’mon, Little Lady” he threw a dressing gown to me and ushered me with his hand to follow him. I scrambled for the clothing, put it on and obediently followed. Jessie is the one who bring us clothes after a ‘session’, consoles us and escorts us to our solitude.  But even though he was the only man in here that hadn’t violate us, and he was nothing but kind to us, he still worked for Clyde and couldn’t be trusted.

I hurried right up behind him out the door and gipped onto the bottom of his pant leg tightly. Why would I be so close to the scum that imprisons me here you ask? Well, apart from Jessie being our only positive relationship here, these halls are full of dirty men. Customers, workers, businessmen- all of them had a dark hunger in their eyes - just waiting for a piece of flesh to grab. They stared at me like a lion stares down its prey as we walked down the hall. One man smiled at me and he only have 5 teeth. I tugged harder at Jessie’s pant leg and he spared me a glance.
“Nearly there” He smiled reassuringly.

And he was right. A few more turns and we were at the end of the hall. The Aphrodite sweet. The room used only for High Calibre VIP guests. I gulped as Jessie unlocked the door to reveal a room with red walls, black carpet and a red heart-shaped bed. The room was littered with toys, gadgets, liquor and leather-bound unmentionables.

My knees threatened to buckle as reality slapped me in the face. If I could barely handle half an hour, how could I possibly survive all night? I can’t keep a façade for that long! Eventually I would break and fall apart and he will not be happy. Clyde will kill me.

I looked up to Jessie with tears in my eyes “If I can’t do this, Clyde will kill me” I said in a broken voice I only dared to use with him. He frowned and closed the door before kneeling in front of me, somewhat eye level. He gripped my hand tightly and stared firmly into my eyes
“he won’t kill you, you’re his favourite, okay? You can do this. It will be over before you know it.”

We both knew he wasn’t lying, about Clyde at least. I nodded my head and wiped my eyes, giving him the illusion I was okay. He smiled at me softly and left the room. This meant I had less than 5 minutes to get prepared.

Clyde told me exactly how to position myself – in between the two pillows, arms up on both of them and legs wide open with my knees up. The only problem was I couldn’t stop shaking. This was the most afraid I have ever been. I had already been used by three men today, including Clyde, and I was exhausted. Tears pricked at my eyes just thinking of how I could possibly survive tonight. If I fell asleep whoever this man was would probably beat me to death – not that Clyde would care, he got 33x the usual amount paid to use one of us girls.

I clapped and the lights turned off (thank god only this suite had clapper lights) and waited. My heart pounded and bile sat right at the top of my throat, and I realised I hadn’t even eaten anything today.

Before my stomach had time to growl I heard voices at the door, then the doorknob began to turn. I could vaguely see it now that my eyes were adjusting to the dark. I nestled myself further into the pillows, heart pounding so hard I thought it would burst right out of my chest.

Suddenly, a sliver of light crept into the room, but was immediately blocked by a man entering and shutting the door. My ability to see had been compromised by the light but I could hear him put down a bag, take off what I presumed was a coat then his shoes. He was humming a song, which made this whole situation even more terrifying.

Then, he clapped and the lights flicked on. They were only dim but it felt like the sun at first. I blinked rapidly to adjust and our eyes met at the same time. They were dark green. And his hair was blonde and short but just starting to stick over his ears and his clean-shaven jaw looked like it could slice meat
“Oh- I uh, oh wow I’m sorry!” he quickly clapped his hands over his eyes and turned around, facing the wall.
“A-are you unhappy with me? I’m sorry I-” I squeaked, not moving yet but keeping my eyes glued to him
“what? No of course not, I just…” he put his hand down and turned around to face me “I wasn’t expecting you to be so…I mean, the underwear…” he trailed off, blushing deeply
“oh…I will take it off for you” I began removing my bra and he practically leaped forward, onto the bed, holding his hand out and yelled “NO!”

I shut my eyes, expecting him to hit me “I’m sorry! I will let you!” I threw my hands to my sides to give him full access. He was now sitting right beside me, the bed bowed towards him and I could feel my knee ever so slightly touching his thigh.
“No, no, I don’t want that, please. Just take this and put it on” He spoke softly. I felt him moving and fabric being handled. I opened my eyes expecting it to be some kind of roleplay costume, but it wasn’t. He had unbuttoned his shirt, taken it off and was handing it to me
“w-what?” I had never been asked to do this before. I looked dumbly up at him – who was now shirtless.
“You can cover yourself up with it” he said reassuringly, offering me the shirt again.
I didn’t understand one bit, but I grabbed it. I had to do anything he asked. I wrapped it around myself and even though it was 5 times too big for me, it was the closest thing I had come to wearing real clothes since I was brought here 6 years ago. It was also welcomingly warm but I didn’t let myself forget it was his.
He smiled at me warmly when I looked up to him. He obviously liked the look of me being engulfed by his clothes.
“What do you want me to do, sir?” I asked, blinking my ‘innocent’ eyes at him.
“Just sit tight” he said and climbed off the bed and grabbed his phone out of his back pocket “I need to make a call”, then he went into the bathroom and locked the door.

I had to stop my jaw from dropping open. What the hell was happening?? Who the hell was this man? He paid $10,000 to get me to cover up and leave me to go make a phone call?? I mean, I wasn’t complaining that I wasn’t being violated but I honestly felt even more nervous. What the hell was his game? Was I not what he wanted? Clyde would lash me for not being appealing to him.

I had to do something, to save myself. So, I stripped completely and discarded the clothing to the side of the bed and laydown on my side, waiting for him.

I hadn’t even realised I had fallen asleep until I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. My whole body stiffened and I swear my heart was beating through my ribs. My whole body went burning hot from fear as I slowly opened my eyes. I was still in the same position, but his shirt was draped over me. Then I looked at the clock – it was 9pm. I slept for 3 hours. Shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck.
My head froze in place as he emerged from the bathroom. He looked tall.

“Nice to see you’re awake” he smiled at me, flashing his perfect white teeth. Obviously he had noticed me staring at him. My heart stopped when he walked around the left side of the bed and sat down. I didn’t even realise I was crying until a sob escaped my lips. Looks like my subconscious realised I’m about to die before I did.
He reached his hand over to me and I winced “p-please! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Don’t hurt me!” I cried. He only frowned sadly and retracted his hand
“hurt you? What? No…I was just…” he said softly before reaching his hand out again, and brushed his thumb (as big as my hand) across my damp cheek “why are you crying?” he asked, again in the soft voice I was so unfamiliar with
“I…I feel asleep, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to! Please, have me now, I…I…” I lost my words as I began to cry more, not noticing that he had moved to lay down next to me – right next to me. The bed bowed to his weight and I was right up against his side. I glanced at him through my tears and saw he was frowning deeply
“please, stop crying, I don’t want to see you cry” he said softly and brushing my hair behind my ear. I immediately took in a few deep breath to stop, because I must do everything to please him. I closed my eyes and with tears still wet on my cheeks I went into the script
“I will do anything and everything for you, I am here for your pleasure”

“I want you to calm down, okay? I’m not going to hurt you and I don’t want to violate you” he said softly
“then why are you here?” I asked, gathering the shirt around me and sitting up.
“To give you a break” he said simply and sat up and got off of the bed and stood beside it “when you’re with me, I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want, okay? That’s the only order I’m going to give you and you have to obey, okay?”
“Okay” I nodded, even though I was completely confused. He noticed this and sighed.
“Let’s give it a try. Do you mind if I sit down?” he asked and gestured to the end of the bed. I nodded my head softly, so, he sat down.
“Can you come sit here?” he asked and patted his thigh. Without thinking I immediately began crawling over to him, but he stuck his hand out and stopped me
“do you want to?” he asked, raising and eyebrow at me. I sat back down and thought for a moment. Of course I didn’t want to. But what I wanted was to not get hurt. What if this was some sick game? I at least the other men were upfront, with him I had absolutely no idea and it made me more scared than I have ever been. A tear fell down my cheek as I looked back to him blankly and his face fell immediately
“what’s wrong?” he asked, frowning. He lifted his hand to reach out and touch me but stopped himself.
“You’re scaring me” my voice quivered and I was shaking as if I were naked in the snow, more tears welling up in my eyes. I didn’t think his frown could get any deeper, but it did. Why was he upset? Was it because I wasn’t playing his game?
“I’m sorry” I quickly added
“no, I’m sorry. I just…I want you to be in control over yourself, not me. The last thing I wanted was to scare you” he said so sadly I thought he was going to cry. I just couldn’t wrap my head around this guy.
“Please,” I said, trying not to sob the next part “if you are going to have sex with me, please, do it now” I uncovered myself from his shirt as tears began to drip down my face. He looked at me like just shot him. He pulled his legs onto the bed and shuffled up to me. I willed myself not to close my eyes as he reached out towards me. I prepared to be groped but instead he pulled the shirt back around my shoulders, covering me again, the he reached out his hand and placed it on the side of my face.
“What have these monsters done to you? All I want is to help you” he frowned deeply and I remained stock still. When I didn’t reply he looked to the ceiling and let out a deep, shaky sigh before looking back down at me.
“I just want to hug you and make you feel better” He said as he opened his arms and leaned forward to hug me and I did something I never thought possible.
“n-no” the word was out of my mouth before I could stop them. He retracted back and stared at me
“Did you just say no?” he asked, a slight smile on his face. When he saw my eyes widen in fear he quickly add “you aren’t in trouble, I promise”
“y-yes…I-I’m sorry it’s j-just that I…I...” I was too afraid to finish my sentence. I looked blankly at him, hoping he would let it slide, but he didn’t.
“Just what?” He pressed. I squirmed under his pressure and close proximity. He noticed this so he shuffled off the bed and stood a long stride from the bed “I don’t want to pressure you but I really want to know” then he put his hands in his pockets. I think to show he wasn’t going to hurt me.

I cleared my throat and took a deep breath.
“Hugging me w-won’t make me less scared o-or feel safe b-because men….because you… make me scared…I’m sorry” I hugged myself tightly and couldn’t break eye contact with him from across the room. Waiting for his response felt like hours.
“Can I come back and sit on the bed?” he asked softy. I nodded my head and so he walked over and sat down, then continued “I still really want to hug you because that usually makes anyone feel better –and I give really great hugs, but only when you say yes. And, from now on, whatever you answer me with I trust you mean it, okay?”

“Okay” I said softly, then yawned. Even after my three hours sleep I was still tired.
“Do you want to sleep?” he asked
I nodded “w-where will I sleep?” I asked, expecting his answer to be the floor. 
“The bed, of course. The question is, will you let me sleep in there too?” he asked, biting his lip.
“Yes…but…” I began but he cut me off
“you don’t even have to say it. I won’t lay a finger on you.” he said in the most serious tone he had used so far.

Even though he was being nice he still made me nervous. I didn’t want him to be anywhere near me but what I didn’t want more was to get in trouble by Clyde if he found out he slept on the floor. Besides, he didn’t deserve to sleep on the floor - I did. Because I was nothing.

He got off the bed and went through his bag to get what I assumed were his pyjamas. While his eyes weren’t boring into me I took the chance to quickly shed his shirt and get under the covers. While it covered me and gave me warmth, I felt sick thinking about what he probably had planned to do with it after.
I lay right on the edge of the bed giving him more than enough space so he had the smallest possibility of even brushing up against me. When he turned back around he gave me a piteous smile that made me feel ashamed of my fear for him. It made me angry. Did he really expect to come in here and be my hero? He is probably doing this for some sick self-satisfaction to make himself feel like a better person.

it felt like all my blood turned to stone when he approached the bed wearing only flannelette plaid pants and lifted the blankets to slide himself in. the air caressed my legs and I stifled a shiver. I didn’t want him to know I was freezing.
I snapped a quick glance over my shoulder and saw he too was laying on the edge of the bed with his back facing me and, for the briefest moment I thought he may have been telling the truth when he said he didn’t want to do anything to me. But, when he clapped and the lights turned off my heart lodged itself in my throat nearly burst right out my mouth when I felt something be placed right beside me.
How could I have been so stupid to think he wouldn’t try something? I waited for his violating touch as my heart beat so loud I was sure the both of us could hear it, but it never came. In fact, I couldn’t even feel the heat radiating from his skin like I normally would…I slowly turned my head back to see it wasn’t him at all. He had placed a pillow in between us as a barrier. Tears stung in my eyes as I let out the breath I had been holding and I was filled with relief.
“Goodnight” he said quietly. He sounded sad and disappointed. He sighed when I didn’t reply.
But it wasn’t a good night, I wouldn’t even be able to sleep with him beside me. He may have been on the other side of the bed and a pillow between us, but who knows what he would do once I fell asleep. I couldn’t let my guard down, even if I wanted to.

I had been laying there, for what felt like hours trying not to breathe or move. My eyes were heavier than bricks and I could hear every tiny thing he did. Which is why my blood ran cold when I felt him turn over and lean over the pillow-barrier to look at me. I could feel his breath and his eyes boring into the back of my neck. The thing that scared me the most was that I never heard his breathing change, which meant he had been awake this entire time too. Obviously he couldn’t contain himself much longer. Here we go. I clenched my eyes shut tightly and waited.
“Can I ask you something?” he whispered
I lay there frozen, hoping he would think I was asleep.
“I know you’re awake. Please?” his breathing grew heavier.
“y-yes” I barely whispered. I was surprised he even heard it.  I couldn’t even hear it over my own heartbeat.
“Have I given you any reason to not trust me?”
I thought for a few moments before answering. Technically, he hadn’t, but that doesn’t mean I should trust him.
“Why?” I asked, still refusing to turn around. He probably looked even scarier than he felt looming over me.
“I want to help you but you need to trust me, can you do that?” he asked almost urgently and I didn’t know my heart could beat any faster, yet it was. Help me?
“I...I d-don’t understand…” I was beginning to quiver with fear. “W-what are you going to do to m-me?”
“I want to take you away from this place” he said so calmly as if it were nothing. I immediately rolled over and despite how scary he looked leaning over me like that, the fear of what he had said scared me so much more
“you can’t!” I yelled in a whisper “No!”
I had apparently surprised him as much as myself because it took him a few moments to get the wide-eyed look out of his eyes before responding.
“NO?!” He practically yelled in confusion, eyebrows furrowed deeply. If I could have sucked myself right into the mattress I would have in the blink of an eye – and I did try. My lungs inflated and deflated faster than sewing machine and I thought I was going to pass out. He didn’t seem to notice though as he continued
“What do you mean no?! You can’t really want to stay here!” his mouth was agape and his eyes wide in shock
“s-s-stop! Please!” I whimpered trying to curl myself into the tightest ball that I could, shaking like a leaf.
Finally he seemed to cue in on my absolute terror and frowned as he leant back. His eyebrows arched up together with concern
“I’m sorry” he brought his voice back down into a whisper “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just don’t get it, why would you want to stay here?” he asked much softer this time, but I was still afraid.
“You don’t understand, I can’t - I just can’t!” I cried, terrified of what Clyde would do if he found out I was gone. I couldn’t. Not ever.

he clapped the lights on and it stung my eyes, but he didn’t falter, he was sat up now staring at me with those dark green eyes.
“Tell me. Make me understand” he said sternly – a voice he had not yet used with me. But somehow I could tell it wasn’t because he was mad at me.
“He will find me…” I said quietly but he quickly interjected
“No he won’t.”
I sighed and tried again “He will find me, take me back here and punish me.”
“I won’t let him” he interjected again
“you won’t be able to do anything when you’re dead.” I said as plainly as possible. It is exactly what he would do. It is exactly what he has done.
“He won’t kill me. He will even be happy” he said seemingly very sure of himself
“Happy? How? You will be stealing his favourite possession” I asked, worried
“I’m not going to steal you. I’m going to buy you.” He smiled.
I could barely string a sentence together “w-w-h-at-t??” I scrambled backwards and feel off the bed in a panic “n-no! No!” I cried and ran across the floor to find somewhere to hide – which I knew was completely idiotic. Especially when he leapt off the bed after me. I wasn’t thinking about where I was going and I ran myself into a corner and he was quickly behind me.
“Calm down!” he hushed in a panicked voice, reaching out to me.
“No! How could you! You’re just like the others!” I cried and pressed myself into the corner of the walls.  I knew it! He wanted me for himself like the other sick perverted bastards here!
“I’m not! I want to help you! Trust me!” he pleaded and pulled back his hand “I don’t want to buy you so that I own you. I want to let you free…please, believe me” he sighed and rested himself on his knees.
I was again waiting for the foul touch. The grabbing. The hitting. But nothing. It was always nothing.
I cracked open an eye to look at him. To find any cruel intent. But nothing. It was always nothing.
His eyes didn’t undress me or bore into my skin. They were always laced with care. 
“I’m scared” I whispered as a tear fell down my cheek.
“I know” he whispered back with the softness of any feather.
“I don’t want to be here” more tears rolled down my face.
“I know” he whispered again with the comfort of any bed.
“It’s so hard to believe you” I sobbed.
“I know” his face never changing from anything but assurance.
“Let me help you” he whispered and opened his arms and his eyes asked me one question: yes or no?
Before I knew what I was doing I was running into his arms and he lifted me up and pulled me to his chest into a hug. His chest was warm and his hold was soft yet firm. His palm placed gently on my back as he cradled me into his bare shoulder.
And I felt something I haven’t felt my whole life…



The Ladies Room - Full Story
Soooooo I have been writing this for so so long and changing it a squillion times and I'm finally happy with it! there is a mature content thing on it because of the sexual themes but there is nothing explicit! I hope you guy's like this and I hope to be updating one of my existing stories soon!

This is also a different height difference than what I would usually do so it was a fun change!

“Kyle!” Time to wake up!” Kyle’s mother knocked on the door frame.

Amy’s eyes flew open and she looked over to the door, sleepily smiling at her, not really sure where she even was at this moment.
“Sorry sweetheart, I forgot you were here” she winced “will you wake Kyle up? School starts in half an hour”
“SCHOOL?!” Amy gasped but his mother had already left. She leapt up and realized she was on the pillow next to Kyle – who was still asleep.

 “Kyle!” she yelled as she made her way over to him “we completely forgot about school! Get up!” she climbed up onto his bicep and onto his chest and was jumping up and down on his pec.
You forgot, I didn’t” he groaned sleepily. He lifted his arms and stretched them out before placing them over his eyes. He didn’t want to get up “let’s just skip school and hang out”

“Come on Kyle! I don’t want to be late, please get up!” Amy pulled at his shirt. She knew there was no way she could pull him up but a girl could try, right?
Kyle pulled his arms away from his face, opened his eyes and turned his face down towards her
“Since when were you such an academic?” he asked, eyebrows furrowed
“I’m not I just don’t want to be late, come on!” Amy continued to pull at his shirt
“Fine! Geeze you’re grumpy in the morning” Kyle teased and picked her up off his chest and placed her on his nightstand so he could get up. He sat up and rubbed his eyes before standing up.

Watching Kyle get up, shower, get dressed and eat made her want to pull her hair out! He was like a snail! It was like he didn’t even care that she was freaking out about being late. She got ready in about 10 minutes flat.

when they got in the car, Kyle was taking up even more time trying to tune into the right radio station – it was the last straw for Amy.
“FOR GOD’S SAKE JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!” She screamed at him from the cup holder.
He snapped his head towards her, shocked at her sudden outburst. She had been nagging on him all morning but he hadn’t expected her to get so upset at him
“hey! What did I do? We will get there right on time, I promise” he tried to assure her
“Kyle, it takes me at least 25 minutes to walk to my first class!” she whined at him
Kyle’s eyes widened and he went red “How was I meant to know that?!” He said as he quickly put the car in gear and sped out of the drive way

They arrived at school just as the bell went for first period – they had completely missed home room. Kyle looked at her apologetically. He grabbed her out of the cup holder and jogged up the stairs and to the nearest railing where he put her down.
“I’m really sorry!” he called out as he ran down the opposite end of the hall.
Amy ran down the rail to her class. Her bag pounced up and down on her back heavily, making it that much harder to run, but she couldn’t stop. If she had a nice teacher it wouldn’t be too bad, except, when she burst around the corner into the room, she saw she had Mr Jackson, the grumpiest teacher in the whole school. Great.
“Amy, how nice of you to grace us with your presence. Do you have a good excuse for being thirty minutes late to my class or will you see me after school?” he addressed her without even looking at her. The whole class was staring at her. She went bright red.
“I’ll see you after school” she said quietly before making her way to the elevator. Right before the doors opened she saw Andrew sitting up the back giving her a worried and confused look. She let out a sigh of relief – his familiar face made her feel at ease, but she was still fuming at Kyle.
she hurried out of the elevator and straight towards Andrew’s desk and his hand was already there waiting in front of the ladder so she didn’t have to climb up. She looked up to him and mouthed ‘thank you’ before stepping on. He lifted her up and placed her on the desk
“you okay? Why were you late?” he asked, his eyebrows were furrowed. He pulled her backpack off for her and set it beside the human desk that sat atop his.
“Kyle” she sighed as she pulled out her pony tail and re-did it. It had gone wild after her running. Then she got into her chair and sat in it sideways to continue talking
“we stayed up really late and he didn’t know how long it takes for me to get to class and so he woke up late and-“ Amy explained but Andrew interrupted her

“wait, wait, wait, what do you mean?” Andrew asked, holding his hand up to stop her speaking “you stayed over at his house?”
“Yeah – anyway-“ she tried to go on but he interrupted her again
“Did you slept in the same bed as him?”
“yeah?” Amy was confused as to why he was so interested in that part of the story
“What are you trying to do to me, Amy?” he said with a laugh – but it wasn’t a funny laugh, it was a sad laugh. He had his arm propped up and was leaning against his hand with a sad smile on his face. His hand squished his cheek into his eye and he looked adorably sad.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…” Amy frowned up at him. she felt bad for doing that to him.
“that I’m the jealous type?” he laughed “it’s okay. I can’t control what you do, I just didn’t expect you to do that I guess.” He trailed off at the last part, but Amy still heard, but neither of them decided to carry it on any further.
“So, was Kyle sorry he made you late?” he asked, changing the subject
“yeah, it really wasn’t his fault, he ended up being late to his class too” Amy sighed
“but it would have only taken him 5 minutes to take you here so you weren’t so crazy late?” Andrew’s face contorted in annoyance
“hmm” was all Amy replied then turned around in her seat to face the front so she could hear the last 8 minutes she had left of Mr Jackson’s class, Who luckily had not heard them talking for the last 5 minutes.

when the bell for the next period rang, everyone got up and moved to their next class
“I have English next, what about you?” Andrew asked as she hopped onto his hand and he carried her out of the room
“Art” Amy sighed and ran a hand down her face. Her legs were still sore from her sprint this morning.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take you. 3C, right?” Andrew smiled and lifted Amy to his shoulder and she climbed on
“you are amazing” Amy sighed and rested against his neck, causing goosebumps to pop up all over Andrew’s body.

When they were walking to her class, they walked past Kyle. Kyle wasn’t planning on stopping, only giving Andrew a glare but when he noticed Amy sitting on his shoulder he backtracked
“What are you doing Amy?” he asked, as if she were doing something wrong
“What do you mean?” she asked
“I’m taking her to her class so she doesn’t have to sprint there, you know, like you made her do this morning?” Andrew chipped in, raising his eyebrow at him.
here we go again. Amy thought. Kyle’s mouth turned up into a snarl, and he opened his mouth to spit out some awful profanity but when he saw Amy put her head in her hand he stopped himself.
“you’re right, it was pretty bad” he gave Andrew a forced smile, then looked to Amy “I didn’t think Amy, I’m sorry”
Andrew scoffed at his ridiculous attempt at sucking up to her to make him look good. He hadn’t expected Amy to buy it, but she did.
“Okay…I guess it wasn’t fair to expect you to know how long it take me to get places…” she said, knowing it was partly her fault.
“can we eat together at morning tea?” Kyle asked
“sure, wanna come too Andy?” Amy asked, looking up to Andrew from his shoulder. He looked down at her, then to Kyle, then back at her.

Despite Kyle’s subtle glaring at him, he nodded “sure”.

They parted ways and Andrew took Amy to class.

They were to all meet at Amy and Andrew’s regular spot for lunch, Amy got there first, then Andrew and Jacob showed up
“Hey there” Andrew smiled warmly. He put out his hand and she climbed on, then he deposited her on his knee, Jacob on the other.
“How’s Caitlin, Jacob?” Amy waggled her eyebrows at him, but his response caught her by surprise
“She’s the only one that has my attention” he said sourly
“o…kay?” Amy said, confused and tilted her head and looked to Andrew for an explanation
“Jacob” Andrew warned “don’t”
“no! I will not don’t.” Jacob put his hand up to Andrew and spun around on his knee to face Amy “Who do you think you are, making them fight over you? You either like one or the other. It’s a simple choice.” He huffed at her

“Jacob..I..” Amy wasn’t sure what to say, she went red as she glanced back at Andrew, but he was looking away and biting his lip. “I don’t want to talk about it here”
just then, Kyle arrived and sat down beside Andrew
“Don’t wanna talk about what?” he asked curiously
“Amy here won’t tell me why it is she thinks she can’t just make a decision about who she wants.” Jacob spoke up, receiving glares from Amy and Andrew
“oh she knows who she wants” Kyle said, as if it were common knowledge
when everyone suddenly looked at him, he elaborated
“she said she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She knows who she wants. She just doesn’t want to upset the other.”
“is that true Amy?” Andrew asked her
“no! well…I mean yes…” Amy fumbled. Kyle made it sound so clear, but it wasn’t!
“And you told me you didn’t even know if you liked Andrew. But everyone here knows you know you like me. Correct?” Kyle pressed her
“Kyle!” Amy yelled, shocked
“Did you really say that?” Andrew asked, frowning
“Andy, I…you cant-“ she tried to defend herself but he cut her off
“Answer the question, Amy.” He said sternly
“yes…” she hung her head, wishing it woudn’t be incredibly dangerous for her to jump off his knee.

The look that took over Andrew’s face shattered her heart.
“that doesn’t mean anything! I have chosen anyone yet!” Amy tried to get him to understand
“you don’t have to.” Andrew said, not even looking her in the eye “I’m out.”
he scooped her in his hands and passed her to Kyle, who quickly received her.
“Congratulations. You win.” He mumbled before taking Jacob off his other knee and placed him on the ground
“Andy, wait!” Jacob called out to him, but he didn’t respond.
“are you happy now, Jacob?!” Amy shouted
down to him, tears brimming her eyes

Jacob just scoffed and waked away.
“Kyle I can’t believe you!” my then turned up to Kyle as best she could while sitting in his hands
Oh, I am SO sorry I didn’t convince another guy you’re in love with him! For God’s sake Amy!” Kyle spat and placed her on the ground and stormed off to.

Now she was alone.

“What the hell have you done?” she whispered herself in a half-sob.

Old Friend - Chapter 20
you know the drill, I'm sorry but not really sorry, I've been busy af, but TA-DA!! I am still alive and so are these guys!!

*throws glitter into the air and disappears*
 My partner: what race do you want your character to be on Neverwinter? (half orc, elf, half elf, dwarf, hafling etc)
*is surprised/confused when I pick the absolute smallest character*

me:Hibiya Amamiya (Moe blush) [V8] Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 

#G/Tlife 1am my Fiancè called me, half sobbing that he rolled his car on his way home from work.
It had been pouring rain and he lost control of his ute and it spun 180°, slammed into the nature strip and flipped the car upside down.

From getting that call, to running into his arms half an hour later was the most stressful, gut wrenching, scary thing I have ever been through and we both know that it was nothing short of a miracle that he survived, leaving the scene with only a small scratch on his ankle.

I know how close I was to losing the person I love most in this world and I know how lucky I am to still have him here when for so many people thats not the case.

The whole passenger side of the cab was crushed, but somehow the drivers side was almost not damaged at all and he was able to bust the door open.

I know some of you may not believe in God but I do and I know he is only alive because God protected him, theres no other explaination.

SO that was my eventful early Sunday morning!
I guess what I want to say is guys, never take your time with loved ones for granted because it can all change in an instant. I know I'm never going to let him go angry or upset because I never know what could happen.

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I love to write. writing is bae. My bae is also bae but writing is bae too.
I get writers block ALOT but when its gone, I write as much as I possibly can every day until its gone. writing is my secret passion and I dont know if I will pursue it more or just stick to posting my stuff on the internet. either way I have so much fun writing and I was so excited when I found DA because now I have some place to share what I write and not fear about being judged. I get so excited when I see the amount of views I get on my posts, although I know others get much, much more, even seeing that a few people have seen what I have created makes me smile, so please, if you like what I write, comment, favorite, watch! it makes me so excited when I get feedback because I feel so special! so thank you to those that do! :)

welcome to my DA, I hope you like what you see! :)

P.S I'm not a promoter of hate, I dont care who you are, how old you are or what you've done, if you respect me, I'll respect you, simple at that :)

yes my name is from bravest warriors, yes, I know, they're great!


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